The Art of Bacon Weaving

Bacon weaving restraints

Several weeks ago my friend Paul introduced me to the concept of bacon weaving by sending me a link to an enlightening blog post. Shortly thereafter my sister Becca sent me a link to a New York Times article that featured bacon weaving, sausage, and barbeque sauce. Then last week my friend Ryan sent me a link to a blog post that showed pictures of the sausage-filled woven bacon topped with barbeque sauce.

As soon as I heard  about this noble pastime I knew I had to try it. The only way to prevent this from occurring would have been to restrain me in a Hannibal Lecter-like fashion (or Mr. Burns-like).

But on Super Bowl Sunday as evening approached I was unrestrained and unsupervised. My bacon vice took hold.

I started by weaving a square of thick sliced bacon.


A simple bacon cross weave

The next step was a careful inspection to make sure the weave was nice and tight.


This bacon inspected by: 2514

I baked it at 400° until the bacon reached the wonderful state of slight crunchiness while maintaining its flexibility. After removing the bacon from the oven I used an alarming number of paper towels to soak the grease from the bacon mat.

I then scrambled a half dozen eggs, which were placed on the bacon quilt. I coated the eggs with shredded cheddar cheese.


Some assembly required

The rolling up process was relatively easy. I tucked the seam on the bottom side, and suddenly I had a bacon roll.


The finished product

And here is another angle (to show off the bacon weave).


It looks like a tasty scarf

I exercised self control and only ate half of the bacon roll.

Bacon weaving is an art form. Someday I might attempt to make the sausage-stuffed bacon roll that gets slathered in barbeque sauce and smoked. But for now the bacon, egg, and cheese model will be sufficient.


Have you ever woven bacon, Clarice?



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10 responses to “The Art of Bacon Weaving

  1. Paul

    Oh man, it looks glorious! I’m going to have to give this a try myself.

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  3. mom

    Wow Ben!
    This looks amazing!
    I am tempted to try this but……………
    how many WW points are in one tastey “scarf”?

  4. Rebecca

    I am so sorry to hear that I have been an accomplice in clogging your arteries.

    Yesterday evening I ordered salmon for dinner and asked for the accompanying brussel sprouts to be cooked without the listed bacon and butter sauce.

    You would have been ashamed.

    I had to choose between the bacon or beer(s); the beer(sss) won.

  5. Miles P.

    What’s the grease factor here? Did you have to use a tray with an edge?

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog, Miles.

      I placed the foil/bacon on a large tray that had an edge, and there was a fair amount of standing grease after baking. I transferred the bacon mat to a layer of paper towels and used more paper towels to remove as much of the grease as possible.

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