Reflections on Super Bowl XLIII

I only saw a couple of minutes of pregame coverage for Super Bowl XLIII (I was weaving bacon . . . that’s right. Weaving bacon. Further details tomorrow). When I turned on my television the teams were taking the field and getting ready to play. I was surprised at how much residual pain existed from the Eagles loss in the NFC championship game. I felt a considerable amount of sadness when I saw the Cardinals representing the NFC.

I rate this Super Bowl at the top of my list of best Super Bowls.

The Best Bet on a Coin Toss. If you need to bet everything on a coin toss do you want Harvey Dent or the captain of the NFC Super Bowl team to call the toss?

Halftime is too Long. The halftime show at the Super Bowl is always too long. Sure, Bruce and the E Street Band were good, but it was still too long. There is a simple solution to this problem. Have the halftime show take place somewhere else. Broadcast it on television. At the stadium a traditional marching band show could take place. Problem solved. No more time-consuming set up and tear down at the field.

Commercial Success. The Super Bowl is the one game that I watch that I wait until the commercials end before leaving the room (assuming the Eagles are not in the game). Here are my favorite commercials this year:

  1. Pepsi – “I’m Good” : A sequence of painful events. Each one followed with the injured party responding with “I’m good.” I enjoyed this all the more because I have an aversion to diet soda.
  2. Coke Zero – Troy Polamalu : I loved this tribute to the old Coke ad from the 1970s that featured ‘Mean’ Joe Greene. Having Polamalu rip the shirt off the Coke executive instead of giving the kid his own shirt was great.
  3. Teleflora – Talking Flowers : Any commercial featuring a talking flower is going to make a favorable impression on a horticulturist. An effective use of the phrase “I’d like to . . .” at the end.
  4. Castrol Edge – Grease Monkeys : Monkeys are almost as interesting as talking flowers. Major points for the dialogue: “Strange days.” “Strange days indeed.”
  5. Pedigree – Crazy Pets : Excellent shock value. But after seeing really cool pets, like rhinos and warthogs, who wants a dog?

My Hat is On for Them. I liked when Ben Roethlisberger complimented the offensive line (I think it was the O-line, or maybe the defense?) by saying “my hat’s off to them” while wearing a hat. I realize it is just a saying, but it looked funny to see a close up shot of his hatted head as he made the statement.


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  1. Paul

    “weaving bacon . . . that’s right. Weaving bacon. Further details tomorrow”


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