Desktop Sketches

At any given moment I usually have numerous sketches, notes, and tidbits on my desk. Most of them are discarded.

I sketched the following graphic in pencil as I watched Australian Open coverage the other day. Then I photographed it and put it into PhotoShop for tweaking.


This sketch of Humpty Dumpty getting his fortune told with alarming accuracy will not die in obscurity at a local landfill. It is published on the Internet, for the world to see.

Here are some observations:

  • Humpty is wearing a fedora. It seems sensible for an egg to wear a hat on a summer day, he wouldn’t want to heat up too much.
  • It is obviously summer because the waiter compliments the diner on ordering breakfast for dinner, and it is still light outside.
  • Humpty’s right arm is visible in the first frame (the arms of eggs are unique to cartoonery and may appear and disappear at the artist’s whim).
  • The meal featured on the plate is not an authentic representation of a Denny’s Grand Slam. An authentic drawing would feature two sausage links and two strips of bacon. The author feels remorse at excluding the bacon.

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