Car Horns, Their Use, and the Lack Thereof

I read a statistic of dubious legitimacy that stated the average driver will honk a car horn 15,250 times in a lifetime. If this is true I am an underachiever of epic proportions.

In my 12 years as a driver I have used a car horn less than once a year, and never while actually driving. My car horn use is limited to test runs (I wonder what the horn in this car sounds like?) or honking in response to my little sister waving (while I was parked in the driveway).

Somewhere out there (probably in New York City) someone is making up for my weak showing.

I’ve decided that I will attempt to use a car less than 100 times in my life. Hooray for horn parsimony.


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One response to “Car Horns, Their Use, and the Lack Thereof

  1. I also rarely use my horn. In fact, I rarely hear anybody honk their horn here in Arkansas. But a couple of years ago I was in New York City for a week, and there was LOTS of honking. I even saw a sign that said “NO HORN HONKING $350 FINE” in one neighborhood, so apparently it can get quite bad at times.

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