Words From the Past

Over the years I have taken many notes in classes. I have notebooks, binders, and folders of information. Some are here with me; some are in storage for the moment. I tend to keep miscellaneous observations, tallies, and quotations on the margins of my notes.

Revisiting some of those tallies resulted in this post (The King and I) last April.

Well, I thought I’d pass on a few of the quotations I’ve collected. I’m going to keep them anonymous.


Context: A Temple University chemistry classroom full of freshman at 8am on the first day of the semester (meaning this is the first college class for most of the students).

Professor: “Welcome to college. 90% of your success will be determined by the failure of others. Shall we look at the syllabus?”


Context: In a Temple University classroom, a long essay assignment has just been turned in (the class is quite large). The professor speaks with a Portuguese accent, which he purposely makes stronger during this monologue.

Professor: “Tonight I will grade your writing. This stack of paper (holds up stack of essays) in my left hand, a bottle of red wine in my right hand. I read the first paper. It is good. She gets an A. I drink a glass of wine to celebrate. I read the second paper. It is bad. He gets a D. I am sad so I drink a glass of wine to feel better. I read the third paper. It is nothing special. She gets a B. It seems like a good time to drink a glass of wine. I read the fourth paper. I don’t know what it says. The letters are moving.”


 Context: A Temple University classroom where a lecture about trees is in progress. The professor is talking in a level voice. She finishes talking about one tree genus, and is ready to start lecturing about Ginkgo trees. She pauses, showing pictures of the tree on the screen in the front of the room. Then suddenly, in harsh contrast to the silence:

Professor: “You gink! (pointing to the door, an expression of rage on her face) Go!”

*Thanks to this example I have never misspelled Ginkgo. I see many people write Gingko . . . but that will never be me.


And those are just a few of the many marginal notes within notes I have. I need to dig up the ones I have in storage . . .


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