Through a Lens

Last night I spent some time photographing fruit. Horticulturists do things like that. So as an aside, did you know that a banana is classified as a berry? Just like a tomato (a tomato is a fruit).


A banana is a berry


While I was shooting the pictures I decided to get out my macro lens. It is a cheap 2-in-1 lens that is in two parts. When it is complete it is a wide angle lens, but remove half of it and it becomes a macro lens. So I unscrewed the macro part, and I was holding the wide angle part in my hand. And then I looked through it.

This is the effect you get:


I know I could create a similar effect with PhotoShop, but I think it’s a cool shot in an unedited format. I’m planning to play around with this idea (background image slightly out of focus, foreground image focused and smaller in size yet greater in scope).


I suspect this will be fun. But alas, it is a project for another day.


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  1. Anonymous

    scarey picture!

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