Uphill Both Ways

I have never owned a campus parking permit or bus pass. I always walk or bike to campus. That suits me just fine, for biking is much faster than driving or riding the bus (and walking is about equal in time). This means I walk through rain, sleet, hail, or snow. If the postman can handle it so can I.

This week I began pondering the elevation changes that occur during my commute. I decided to make an informal graphic to represent the elevation. After a brief consultation with Google Earth and a few moments playing with PhotoShop I created this:


My regular commute to campus

So there you have it. Graphic proof that I walk uphill both ways.

When I lay out the path I take on Google Earth it comes out to be 1.75 miles. I’ve tracked the distance with my bike odometer to be 1.9 miles. The truth probably falls in the middle, though I suspect the bike odometer reading is more accurate (through no fault of Google Earth; I probably drew the route in erroneously).

The one thing I did not take into account is the three flights of stairs that I climb to get to my office. . . so I guess you could make that elevation line shoot up 30 feet at the end.


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