Pete Incaviglia

Pete Incaviglia: The man, the mustache, the legend.

This post might seem extremely random. It has a purpose, I assure you. Here is the story.

My friend Adam is the commissioner of a fantasy baseball league. I have a team in that league (The Raging Chlorophyll). In this league we do not play for money. We play for pride, enjoyment, and two benefits of winning the championship.

1. Choice of draft position at the start of the following season. I don’t really value this all that highly.

2. The privilege of naming the league for a year. Now this I value. The name of the league looks like this “The (player name) Fan Club.” Adam has encouraged us to choose non-Hall of Famers with good facial hair.

In 2008 Adam and I finished tied in the championship match. Technically according to ESPN (the league host) Adam won via tiebreaker (because he was seeded higher going into the play-offs).  Adam didn’t want to win that way, so we re-drafted teams for the postseason . . . and finished tied there too.

When all the dust settled Adam agreed to give me the naming rights for the league in 2009. I’ve been wanting to name the league for one of my favorite players, Pete Incaviglia, for as long as I have been competing in it. So I wrote this post just so I could publish the photo banner I designed for The Pete Incaviglia Fan Club in 2009. Here it is:


Pete Incaviglia: The man, the mustache, the legend



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2 responses to “Pete Incaviglia

  1. Adam

    Oh. Wow. You’ve just earned yourself the right to design the banner every year. Well done, sir. I can’t wait.

    • thebenjamin

      I enjoyed putting this together. It is a compilation of a few shots of baseball cards.

      Last night I spent a few minutes thinking about draft strategy. I can tell you that I will not be drafting Alfonso Soriano any higher than the third round. . .

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