A Few Thoughts from the Weekend

What do snow on the road and the flu have in common? They both serve as reminders that life is better when they do not exist. When I’m sick it’s hard to believe that I take being healthy for granted. Well, when there is snow on the road it is hard to believe I take clear roads for granted. On Saturday night I drove through snow and slush as I traveled from Harleysville to State College. It was not a fun trip. 

How rare is it to see the shoes a bride is wearing during a wedding ceremony? I attended a wedding this weekend. The word on the street was that the bride (my cousin Amanda)was wearing Converse Chuck Taylors. I tried to confirm this during the ceremony, but did not manage to catch a glimpse of her shoes. It seems to me that seeing a bride’s shoes is very difficult because of the dress/train. Has anyone actually seen what shoes a bride was wearing during a wedding ceremony?

The Eagles have picked a good time to get hot. According to the odds the Eagles shouldn’t even be in the postseason. They managed to slip in, and now they are rolling. The defense looks sharp, the offense is tolerable (and is somewhat committed to running the ball, which is very exciting), and the special teams have been solid. I like our chances against the Cards next week. Andy Reid definitely locked up job security through this play-off run. I have been critical of him (I even said it was time for him to move on), but if he controls himself and keeps the offense balanced I like him as a coach.

Bike trail questions. Ferguson Township announced that they would be maintaining the bike trails near campus this winter. Early on they did some nice clean up work with leaves and debris. It made me hopeful. Then they allowed sheets of ice to linger for more than a week in December. Tomorrow I will walk to campus, and I will get to see how they handled the snowfall. Right now I feel there is a 17%* the path is clear.

Ouch. If you use a stove burner, and then shut it off, and then place your hand on that burner . . . it hurts.

*I wanted to use a low number, so I chose 17 in honor of Plaxico Burress. Thank you Plaxico for wearing sweatpants to a nightclub with a semiautomatic weapon stuck in the waistband. Thank you for managing to shoot yourself. Thank you for not having a license to carry that gun. Thank you for getting arrested. And most of all, thank you for changing the Giant’s passing attack from Brock Lesnar to Don Knotts.


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