This Made Me Laugh Today

Last year the Phillies faced the Milwaukee Brewers in the first round of the NL play-offs. The first game was played on October 1st in Philadelphia. The Phillies staged a mock sausage race, a tribute to Milwaukee’s famous sausage races. This is how it went down:

It’s great. The demise of each of the three sausages is planned. First, one of the sausages is distracted by a Phillies ballgirl. Second, Randall Simon lays out a sausage with a plastic bat. And third, the Phillie Phanatic does his best Brian Dawkins impression and tackles the last sausage. Of course the race is won by none other than the Phanatic himself.

As someone points out in the video, Randall Simon did play for the Phillies (in 2006). The infamous sausage incident occurred when Simon played for the Pirates. Here’s the news story in case you’ve never heard of Sausagegate:

The Phillies followed up this skit with one in which the three sausages raced a little girl from the crowd. The sausages cheated by starting early, and all three were blown up by a monster tackle delivered by the Phillie Phanatic close to the finish line (this allowed the little girl to win the race).


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