Two More Pringles Flavors

In November I wrote a post with Pringles power rankings. In that post I reviewed 21 different flavors of Pringles (you could argue it was only 20, depending on whether you feel the Cheeseburger flavor and Restaurant Craver Cheeseburger flavor are different). While I keep my eyes open for new and hard-to-find flavors, there are some that have eluded me.

During Thanksgiving weekend I got a phone call. It was relatively late. I was checking my e-mail and thinking I should call it a night when my phone rang. Who would be calling me this late? I wondered. I glanced at the caller ID; it was my friend Ryan. We exchanged greetings and talked very briefly about how our Thanksgivings had been. And then the conversation went something like this:

Ryan: I’m standing in a convenience store at a gas station in Kansas.
Me: OK?
Ryan: And there are guacamole Pringles in front of me. And regular ranch Pringles as well. Do you want me to pick them up for you?
Me: (laughing) That would be awesome. I have never been able to locate either of those flavors.

Those Pringles aren’t in Kansas anymore. Ryan and Sarah were in town to visit this past week, and they brought them to Pennsylvania. Thanks guys!

So on Wednesday night I did an informal taste test of the two flavors at a New Year’s party. Then yesterday I did a more thorough test with the remaining chips. I think both of them are solid B+ flavors. Here are the results:


9. Spicy Guacamole

This is a unique Pringles flavor, for the chips are green. While a green chip makes me slightly uneasy, the taste is pretty good. The spiciness is quickly evident. Initially there is a slight taste of green pepper, but that quickly turns to an aftertaste that is dominated by guacamole and potato.

11. Ranch

I suppose you could call this flavor boring, but it has merit. It is one of the more mild Pringles flavors. I thought the Smokin’ Hot Ranch flavor was bland, but this is even blander (blander totally does not feel like a real word to me, but my spellchecker approves of it). This flavor grew on me, I like its subtlety.

In the next week or two I hope to add a page to my blog dedicated to Pringles. It will appear along the top of the main graphic, beside About Me and FAQs. I’ll put an updated graphic with my complete rankings there (all 23 flavors) and links to my Pringles-related posts.


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4 responses to “Two More Pringles Flavors

  1. I have the Buffalo Wing flavor at home and I can’t seem to finish them. I don’t recommend that flavor at all, unless you really like vinegar.

    • thebenjamin

      Blazin’ Buffalo Wing falls in the lower half of my rankings. I agree that the vinegar flavor is pretty strong. When I paired the chips with a sandwich it helped. . .

      Thanks for the comment =)

  2. Bernie Jacabella

    Yesterday I was shopping at my local discount food store and there in one of the super discounted bins was a bag of Pringles Cinnamon Sweet Potato Chips. I immediately thought of you and would have bought them for you to taste test and add to your extensive list of Pringles power rankings but the “sell by” date had come and gone (probably were a Thanksgiving item)and I thought that this fact might influence the outcome of your ranking…they still may have tasted great but I didn’t want to contribute an inferior item to your highly sophisticated scientific study.

    • thebenjamin

      Ah, the Pringles Select series of chips. Proof that not all Pringles are sold in cans. I have sampled the Cinnamon Sweet Potato chips, and I found them to be a bit bland. There is very little sweetness or saltiness in the chip, just a cinnamon flavor. I think I have four or five more Pringles Select flavors to try before I release my ratings for them all. I’m planning to make it a separate list from the regular Pringles because they are so different (it’s an apples to oranges situation).

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