Farewell 2008

I enjoyed 2008; it was a good year. Now it is down to its last few hours. This would be a good time to reflect on the resolution I made at the beginning of the year and ask myself tough questions, like did I achieve my intended goal?

The answer is yes, I did.

My resolution for 2008 was this: I will not set foot in a gym during the coming year. I make this resolution on a yearly basis. It is my attempt to balance the universe. Millions of people resolve to go to the gym, to workout, to get in shape. I like to stay in shape too. I run. I play tennis. I bike. I walk. But I don’t go to the gym.

The reason I do not resolve to never go to a gym is because I want to leave the possibility of using a gym open. Maybe in a few years I’ll think a treadmill looks more appealing than a bike path or road (I find this hard to believe, but it could happen). Maybe I’ll want to start lifting free weights for some reason (once again I have doubts, but who knows?).

I would love to conduct a survey of gym members to see why they are members. I suspect if I talked to men the results might look like this:


Suspected reasons for gym membership by males.

So who is with me? Let’s boycott gyms in 2009. We can.

We can run outside despite the temperature. We can do crunches and push-ups without expensive equipment. We can park our cars far away from entrances and walk. We can refuse to use elevators (stairs are good for you). We can.

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