The NFL 2008 Regular Season Draws to a Close

Lady Luck was cruel to the Eagles for months. She gave them the cold shoulder. The Eagles complicated the relationship by playing poor football at inopportune times. Lady Luck hates losers.

The Eagles squandered a chance to pave their path to the postseason last week against Washington. So today they showed up at Lady Luck’s door with roses and chocolate and a promise to play better.

At first she seemed petulant. The Bears jumped out to a quick lead over Houston. Oakland trailed  Tampa Bay. Then things changed. Houston rallied to defeat the Bears. The Raiders rallied to beat the Bucs. Evidently Lady Luck got tired of writing scripts, for both games ended with a 31-24 score (which is evidently a template on Lady Luck’s computer). The scripts might not have been original, but the message was clear: Philadelphia Eagles I love you.

Encouraged by Lady Luck’s sudden change in demeanor, the Eagles played their best. A thorough dismantling of the dallas cowboys occurred at Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles are play-off bound. What a season.

If Andy Reid remains committed to run the ball the Eagles are a force to be reckoned with. If he goes pass happy the story changes. Run, Andy, run!

The 2008 NFL season has been interesting:

  • The Lions were perfect. They pulled off the first 0-16 record. I thought things were supposed to get better when Matt Millen left? At least the folks in Detroit have the Tigers . . . (sorry, that was mean).
  • The Browns finished the season with six consecutive games without an offensive touchdown. Losing your #1 and #2 quarterback will lead to things like that. Of course, next season we will be able to say” “Romeo,  Romeo, where art thou?”
  • The Chargers won the AFC West with an 8-8 record. What is it with the west? The Cardinals won the NFC West with a 9-7 record. The west = where mediocrity lives.
  • Plaxico Burress shot himself. Enough said.

Here’s a random closing thought on the NFL. Brian Baldinger played offensive line for the cowboys, Colts, and Eagles from 1982-1993. Brian sustained a nasty injury years ago when he got his right pinky caught in a facemask. Now Brian is a color commentator for Fox. He is paired with Dick Stockton. Every time I see him during a broadcast I am fascinated by his right pinky. Check it out:


Brian Baldinger's right pinky



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2 responses to “The NFL 2008 Regular Season Draws to a Close

  1. We’ll see who Lady Luck smiles upon in the Metrodome on Sunday! Skol Vikings!

  2. Chris

    Word on the street in Cleveland says Romeo seems willing to return in some sub-coach role.

    Romeo, doff thy head-coach-ship,
    and for thy title, which is no part of thee,
    Take all defensive backs.

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