Dot to Dot

Late in the summer (or perhaps early in the fall) large dots were painted onto 322, a bit east of State College, on a stretch of road that is considered hazardous. I’m not sure why so many accidents occur in that area, but it seems that people drive like idiots as soon as they enter it.

The idea behind the dots is that you’re supposed to leave a minimum of two dots between your vehicle and the one in front of you. They look like this.

Connect the dots

Connect the dots

 I find the dots distracting and demeaning.



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2 responses to “Dot to Dot

  1. That’s really interesting Ben! Do you follow the rules of the “dots”?? lol

    • thebenjamin

      Well . . . I abide by the spirit of the law. When traffic if moving slowly I feel the dots are no longer valid.

      The picture I posted indicates I’m abiding by proper dot spacing, though I’m a bit north of the speed limit.

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