The World Baseball Classic


In the spring of 2006 I watched some of the World Baseball Classic (WBC). I’m a baseball junkie, so by the time the spring rolls around I’m pretty desperate for baseball. That being said, I’m not a big fan of the WBC. I realize that Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association have sanctioned the event (in fact they helped create it). International baseball competition is great, but I don’t want players from my team (ie Philadelphia Phillies) to be missing Spring Training to play in the WBC. I’d rather see collegiate or minor league players represent the US.

When the Phillies announced that Cole Hamels, Brad Lidge, and Ryan Howard have declined to join the Team USA WBC roster I was thrilled. J-Roll will be on the team (I think as Derek Jeter’s back-up . . . what’s wrong with that picture?). Having a few position players on the team doesn’t bother me, but I am adamantly against having pitchers on the squad.

I look at the WBC as somewhat of a joke because I don’t value the championship all that much. Winning the WBC would mean about as much to me as the Philadelphia Soul’s AFL championship in 2008. That’s not saying much.

Baseball is all about the World Series.



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2 responses to “The World Baseball Classic

  1. Jordan

    Look, playing for your country is much more important than a MLB team. I would rather see team U.S.A. win the world baseball classics then i would see my MLB team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, go undefeated. Country before individual, and country before MLB. If you believe anything different, get the h- – – out of the United States of America.

    • The competition between countries in the WBC feels contrived to me. Many of the players are not residents of the country they play for (in fact some have never been to the country). Americans are also playing for numerous countries.

      So we disagree. And we can live peacefully together. That’s what makes the USA so great (not a baseball team).

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