Basketball Players Among Us

I find it very interesting to see what sports celebrities and politicians play. For instance, I think it’s pretty cool that Barack Obama likes to play hoops. You never know what sport might turn up. John Kerry windsurfs, Garth Brooks plays baseball, Ryan Howard bowls, Charles Barkley attempts to golf, Brad Pitt is rumored to be a tennis player.

Recently I found out that Bill Cosby has been under contract for the Harlem Globetrotters (an exhibition basketball team) for the past 36 years. He earned $1 per year for the first 14 years, but then received a raise to his current annual salary of $1.05.

Now that’s not the most interesting thing about the Globetrotters’ roster. In 2000 Pope John Paul II was named an honorary Globetrotter. Evidently his Holiness could bring it on the court. Additional honorary Globetrotters include Nelson Mandela, Whoopi Goldberg, Bob Hope, and Jesse Jackson.

PG – Pope John Paul II
SG – Bill Cosby
SF – Whoopi Goldberg
PF – Bob Hope
C – Jesse Jackson
6th Man – Nelson Mandela

If you put that team on the court I’d pay $500 for a ticket.



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2 responses to “Basketball Players Among Us

  1. I’ll bet you’d pay $500, especially since two members of your lineup are dead! That’d be quite a sight to see them re-animated and schooling some poor saps with their mad skillz.

    • thebenjamin

      Yeah, I felt pretty comfortable establishing a high ticket price due to that factor. Of course being legally dead didn’t stop Matt Geiger from sitting on the Sixers’ bench for two years and forcing us over the salary cap (I saw no signs of life from the G-Man).

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