A Few Notes from Today

A thumbs up for Ferguson Township. Last week I noticed the yellow caution signs by the bike trail I take to campus had been removed. Here’s a paraphrase of the message they contained: No Winter Maintenance – Proceed at your own risk. And they’re gone. I got curious so I consulted Google. Lo and behold, Ferguson Township decided to maintain the trail through the winter. This is good news.

The biggest problem with the bike trail in previous winters was the ice that formed a few days after snowfall. It would last very long, and many times was extremely slippery. Now you might be wondering isn’t ice always slippery?  The answer is no, it is not. If natural foot traffic occurs on the trail the ice is rough and textured . . . and relatively easy to walk on. But when neighborhood children decide to sled down the bike trail (and they do after 97.4% of snow events) the ice is a smooth sheet . . . which is not pedestrian friendly (and only a madman would attempt to bike on it).

So with minimal plowing and leaf removal the trail will provide a much friendlier commute.

What do dodo birds and Hort 138 students have in common? I rarely see either of them. This semester I have been working as a TA in Hort 138 and the attendance is atrocious. The students from each section are usually divided into two groups for the labs, but so few have showed up I have only had to teach two labs in the past two months (and one of those was an exam/quiz day). I am not happy about it.

A shy fungus. I’ve been culturing a fungus that I isolated from my sink. Not as a pet; it’s a project. I need to identify it and write up a description. Well things started off in a promising fashion. It appeared to be a Fusarium. Then it got shy (or lazy) and decided to stop developing. So I’m left with hyphae, micronidia, and chlamydospores to look at. That’s it. Arrrggghhh. Thankfully I did a DNA sequence, so hopefully GenBank can help me out.

I can hear WordPress 2.7’s footsteps. In less than two hours WordPress will be switching to version 2.7. I’m looking forward to it, but I suspect it will take a few days to get used to it.


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