How to Talk to Girls: Alec Greven

Recently a book published by Harper-Collins titled How to Talk to Girls hit bookstore shelves. The author of the book is Alec Greven. And he’s nine years old.

It seems Alec penned the book for a creative writing assignment in third grade. It contains his advice, which is based on observations in the schoolyard. Alec warns men boys (I think his intended audience is his peers) to keep things simple. Excessive compliments indicate desperation, they are too forceful. He also warns that “pretty girls” are dangerous and demanding. Here’s a direct quote:

“Pretty girls are like cars that need a lot of oil.” 

Alec admits that his book is composed of mostly theory and not practice. Evidently Alec has had one crush . . . in preschool. He’s now single, waiting until he is older to start dating. In the future he hopes to continue writing and study paleontology.

Good for you Alec. Best of luck with your future writing and paleontological pursuits.

Somehow I doubt life will remain so simple as you get older. I can also tell you that a pretty girl is capable of causing you to forget all the theory in the world. And you might not be all that concerned about oil consumption either. I’m just saying, you might need a contingency plan.

I do like your advice about avoiding wearing sweatpants though . . . that’s something you should hold on to.


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  1. rakkav

    Yeah, that’s the one thing I’d tell Alec so far: Don’t let the bad apples spoil the whole bunch of “pretty girls” for him. I was having crushes on “pretty girls” when I was three years younger than he was, and never on a bad one. Besides, once one gets past the basic physical material, pretty is as pretty does.

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