Thanksgiving Dinner II

This afternoon Thanksgiving Dinner II occurred. It was the first time I have ever attended two Thanksgiving dinners in the same year. On Thursday my dad’s side of the family had their annual dinner, and today my mom’s side of the family had a dinner (which I don’t ever recall happening before at Thanksgiving, it’s usually an end of the year Christmas + New Years dinner). My parents hosted the party.

Today the spread was quite large. Turkey, ham, stuffing, sweet potatoes, corn, greenbeans, salad, jello salad, and desserts (I’m probably forgetting something). On Thursday I gained four pounds; I suspect I packed on another four today.

Immediately following the meal Jon, Jordan, Zach, and I played a little tennis. I had not been on a court in more than two months . . . and it showed. It’s always fun to run around right after a large meal. 

Later in the afternoon Richard and Becca, Jon and Karrie, Sara, and I went to see Quantum of Solace at the Oaks Theatre. I really enjoyed it. I had heard numerous negative and mediocre reviews, so my expectations were low. I think Daniel Craig makes a great Bond.

After the film I headed back to my parents’ place to catch the end of the party. Things wrapped up by 9:00pm (that’s early, I guess the party spirit is in greater supply at Christmas/New Years).

This week has flown by. I have accomplished very little on my class work, research, and prep work for next semester . . . and I’m OK with that.


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