Those about to Rock . . . Frank Doesn’t Like You

I read a quote from Ol’ Blue Eyes (Frank Sinatra) today. In 1957 he had this to say:

“Rock ‘n’ roll is the most brutal, ugly, vicious form of expression–sly, lewd, in plain fact, dirty . . . rancid smelling, aphrodisiac . . . the martial music of every delinquent on the face of the earth.”

Oh Frank, you’re so prone to understating things. Tell me how you really feel about rock music.

I suppose Frank thinks I’m a delinquent, considering that I’m a fan of rock music. I’ve never thought of myself as a delinquent. Hmmm . . . maybe a Delicate Delinquent (a wonderful Jerry Lewis film featuring the classic line “I’m too tall to die”).


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