A Prediction for the 2009 MLB Season

I am willing to predict (with a startling degree of confidence) that Chase Utley will not be asked by FOX or ESPN to wear an onfield mic during the 2009 season.

Chase is as bluecollar as ballplayers come, and normally he is very reserved and reluctant to talk. Most postgame interviews with him involve statements about focusing on the next game, winning one game at a time, and working toward a bigger goal. While he doesn’t show much emotion on or off the field, he is a ferocious competitor and is always intense.

As quiet as he is, he seems to have a Bono-like affinity for the F-bomb.

  • During the 2008 All-Star Game Chase muttered a memorable line to the New York crowd after they booed him during the home run derby, and the line happened to be caught by an onfield camera/mic (“Boo? F*** you”).  
  • At the end of the Championship parade on October 31, nine Phillies briefly addressed the crowd. Chase was the second to last speaker. Most of the previous players said something like this: “Thanks for supporting us all season long. You guys made this all possible. We plan to win more of these for you.” But Chase followed a different formula: “World Champions! (pause for dramatic effect) World f***ing champions!”) The crowd went crazy. All the networks covering the event live failed to censor it. I guess the seven second delay is pretty worthless. 
  • During the season, and especially during the postseason, I noticed a distinctive voice at numerous times that would celebrate joyful occasions by saying “F*** yeah!”. I heard this in the dugout after home runs and on the field after the final out of big wins. I’m pretty sure it was the secondbaseman. Evidently it’s fine to broadcast language the FCC considers objectionable as long as it is in the background (or maybe there were fines handed out).

And even if FOX or ESPN would ask Chase to wear a mic, I’m confident he would say no. He plays so aggressively, I highly doubt he would want to be running around with a mic pack on his belt (I have no idea why any player would decide to wear it).

As proof that the we live in a land of entrepreneurs, tee shirts with Chases’s declaration are all over the place. You can get Philles “World F***ing Champions” shirts and my personal favorite, Phillies “World Ph***ing Champions” shirts. I suspect these will be common at Citizens Bank park next year, I wonder how the Phillies will handle the Ph- version of the shirt? Ahh, to censor or not to censor, that is the question.


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