A Few Thoughts as this Saturday Draws to a Close

Hey those sirens are getting close. This afternoon I heard sirens in the distance. And they got closer. And still closer. I looked out the window and saw a firetruck coming down the road, and it turned into my apartment parking lot. Then it proceeded to drive towards my building. I opened the window and smelled smoke. This is not good I thought. I stood on my balcony, and I deduced that my side of the building was not on fire. It must be the other side. I ventured outside to check things out.

I saw a blazing garbage dumpster. So the building was not on fire. Evidently someone threw out a cigarette butt or something that ignited (or someone might have started it intentionally). The firemen made short work of it.

I’ll take a pound. So I was thinking about something a bit random today. If you had to eat a pound of one thing in one sitting, what would it be? What would be the easiest? Now this thing must be one pound when you eat it, so if you say a one pound hamburger be warned that the burger must be a full pound after grilling/broiling. 

My conclusion is that steak or potatoes would be a good choice. I wouldn’t recommend trying cotton candy.

What is drinkability? During the World Series I saw many Budweiser ads that boasted Bud Light has drinkability. Those ads also run on Sundays during football broadcasts. What is drinkability? What does it say about a product if an ambiguous  quasi-trait must be made up to sell it? Water is very drinkable. How is Bud Light different than water?

I am herbaceous. I like the words Isaiah writes: “All men are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field” (Is. 40:6b). Sometimes I start to think I’m a tree. A tree that flowers, fruits, and has pretty cool fall foliage. And then I remember that I am an herbaceous plant, a perennial grass. It isn’t easy being green.


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