Little Caesars

On Wednesday afternoon I was driving down North Atherton Street when I suddenly remembered a flyer (see picture below) that I received in the mail recently. Little Caesars has just arrived in State College, and one of their deals is a $5 large cheese or pepperoni pizza that is ready to go. I decided to check it out.


I left the store 57 seconds after walking in, pizza in hand. 57 seconds! Now I did pay in cash with exact change, so that sped the process up a bit (contrary to what popular commercials might indicate), but even with waiting for a credit card transaction it would have been well under two minutes. What a wonderful world when a pizza can be an impulse purchase.

I’d never had a Little Caesars pizza before, so I was interested to see what style of pizza they make. It was nice and hot and not dried out. I would rate Little Caesars slightly below Papa Johns and Dominos. . . but they get serious points for this offer. Pizza! Pizza!

Oh, and as an added bonus. I ate a Little Caesars pizza and my baseball team won a World Series that night. Correlation? I don’t know. But what I do know is that every time I eat a Little Caesars pizza the Phillies win a World Series. You can bet I’ll be at Little Caesars next October.


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