A Few Thoughts on this Brisk Thursday

A Buffalo Dill: The Sandwich of the Week. This week I picked up sliced buffalo smoked turkey breast. I combined this with American cheese and sliced dill pickles to make a killer sandwich. Simple but wonderful.

Why So Silent, O My Car? I had my car inspected this week. I also had the alignment fixed, which should improve the life of my tires. Over the past few months small pieces of my car’s muffler had been falling off, which resulted in my car gradually getting louder and louder inside when the engine was running. It occurred over  a long enough period of time that I did not notice a big change in volume . . . until I picked up my car after the muffler had been fixed and was amazed at how quiet it was.

I Hate Cowbells. Christopher Walken must be loving the atmosphere at Tropicana Field during the MLB postseason. Cowbells are ubiquitous. If you want more cowbell after seeing a Rays game you know you have a problem. A serious problem. Thousands of cowbells are almost as annoying as Stephen A. Smith. I pity the fool who brings a cowbell to Citizens Bank Park for Game 3. We break bells in Philly.

Psalm 131: Be Still. I really like Psalm 131. It speaks of contentment and humility. Peace and trust. Hope and expectation. All that in three verses.

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