Pringles Kickin’ Cheddar = Nice

You might recall that I compared two cheddar-based Pringles flavors recently (Cheesy Fries & Cheddar Cheese). When I saw Pringles Kickin’ Cheddar at the grocery store I felt the need to complete the Pringles cheddar trinity. While this flavor is cheddar-based, the strongest elements of of the taste come from the jalapeno pepper (or whatever cocktail of chemicals produces the jalapeno-like flavor).

I still feel Pringles Cheesy Fries is the best cheddar-based flavor on the market. That being said, I fully intend to purchase Kickin’ Cheddar Pringles again. I rate them in the upper third of Pringles flavors.

One of my future goals is to write a blog entry that contains numerical ratings of every Pringles flavor I have encountered. I intend to complete this by the end of 2008 . . . stay tuned.


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One response to “Pringles Kickin’ Cheddar = Nice

  1. Hahaha! I was browsing the food tag and came across this post. I am impressed by your thorough review… ;)

    Now why can’t I find near-infinite varitions of Pringles? All I ever see is sour cream & onion, cheese, or bbq. Gross. But “Kickin’ Cheddar”? I could go for that!!

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