Favorite MLB Players by Team

Last night I fought insomnia and it was tougher than Kimbo Slice. In lieu of counting sheep I decided to select my favorite player from each MLB team. The player had to be active during my lifetime. I based my selections upon a mix of skill level, personality, particular accomplishments, and fond memories.

So here they are:

Baltimore Orioles – Cal Ripken Jr.
Boston Red Sox – Manny Ramirez
Chicago White Sox – Frank ‘The Big Hurt’ Thomas
Cleveland Indians – Carlos Baerga
Detroit Tigers – Chet Lemon
Kansas City Royals – ‘Gentleman’ Jim Eisenreich
Los Angeles (California/Anaheim) Angels – Tim Salmon
Minnesota Twins – Kirby Puckett
New York Yankees – Paul O’Neill
Oakland Athletics – Dennis Eckersley
Seattle Mariners – Jay Buhner
Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays – Kevin Stocker
Texas Rangers – Mitch ‘Wild Thing’ Williams
Toronto Blue Jays – Garth Iorg
Arizona Diamondbacks – Curt Schilling
Atlanta Braves – Dale Murphy
Chicago Cubs – Ryne Sandberg
Cincinnati Reds – Eric Davis
Colorado Rockies – Larry Walker
Florida Marlins – Chucky Carr
Houston Astros – Jeff Bagwell
Los Angeles Dodgers – Orel Hershiser IV
Milwaukee Brewers – Dave Nilsson
New York Mets – Mackey Sasser
Philadelphia Phillies – Von Hayes
Pittsburgh Pirates – Andy Van Slyke
San Diego Padres – Ken Caminiti
San Francisco Giants – Kevin Mitchell
St. Louis Cardinals – Ozzie Smith
Washington Nationals (Montreal Expos) – Vladimir Guerrero


The last thing I remember was feeling remorse over some of the players left off the list, so I decided to select an honorable mention or two for each team. I was about halfway through this list when I landed a right hook on the elusive insomnia. ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


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