Homecoming 2008 – Beat Michigan

Today is homecoming at PSU. I took a bike ride around campus to take in the festivities. I rode to the Snyder Ag Arena first. The 2008 Horticulture Show is taking place there today and tomorrow. The theme of the show is sustainability.

A display at the 2008 Penn State Hort Show

I left the Ag Arena and crossed Park Ave. For the next half hour I wandered around in the sea of tailgating taking place. Eventually I ended up on Curtin Road, where I found a Nittany Idol tailgate party going on. There was a sign with Simon and Joe Paterno. As I went past the DJ was introducing William Hung. Now I do not watch American Idol. I take pride in the fact that I have never seen a full episode of the show. However, I am aware of who William Hung is. So I stayed to watch. The person introduced as William Hung (I have no idea if it was the real William Hung or not) sang the song that made him famous, “She Bangs” by Ricky Martin. You can seen him in the middle of the following photo:

The real William Hung, or just a poser?

I did not get a good picture of him because I had my bike in my left hand and my camera in my right. Plus there were many people between us, so it was difficult to get a shot in which he was not obscured.

I then biked around campus and verified the existence of several plants that I will be using for the Hort 138 lab I’ll be teaching on Thursday. It’s a good thing I did that, for one of the plants was AWOL. I had to find a substitute.

The Penn State vs. Michigan game starts in a few minutes. I’ll watch it on television. It’s been a long time since PSU has defeated Michigan . . . it’s about time that changes.


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