A Big Atlas

I noticed a headline recently about a new atlas that is being published. It will cost $3500, unless you want the deluxe version . . . which is closer to $5500. The title of the atlas is Earth (someone is creative). It is being published by Millennium House.

The book weighs in around 66 pounds, so you’re paying about $53 per pound for the regular edition. That’s about the cost of a really good steak.

Only 2000 of the regular atlases will be printed, with an additional 1000 of the deluxe version. And that’s it. The goal is to make it a collectors’ item, something people track down and value highly. The man behind the tome, Gordon Cheers, is an Australian businessman. He seems to be rather humble about it: “If it is respected, 500 years from now, this book will still be around like, for example, the Gutenberg Bible.”

At least his expectations are low.

Here’s a link to the publishers page, just in case you want to pick up a copy for your coffee table. Of course it will probably smash the average coffee table flat. And you would probably be paranoid every time someone picked up the book to look at it, so maybe you should store it in a safe.


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