A Jack Handey Story?

Approximately nine years ago someone told me a story he attributed to Jack Handey. I have been unable to find any mention of it since, and it has bothered me. I’d like to see if Handey is the author or not. Here is a paraphrase of the story:

One afternoon when I was eight years old I was sitting with my grandfather on the front porch. I had a big chocolate chip cookie and a glass of milk. Before I started to eat the cookie grandpa suddenly slumped over in his rocking chair. “Go get grandma” he said “I’m having a heart attack!”

I ran into the house to get my grandmother.

When we arrived back at the porch we found grandpa smiling and rocking back and forth in his rocking chair. “An angel came and saved me” he said. “Then he asked if he could have your cookie. I gave it to him.”

I was sad to lose my cookie, but happy that grandpa was alright.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I’d love to find the real version of the story and the author’s name.

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