I Need a Montage

So the semester is in full swing. I’m in the middle of a  minefield of projects and exams, and right now I am trying not to forget all about my research. I need to be preparing for the experiments I will be running in the spring . . . and I should also be preparing for the class I will be teaching.

This is one of those times when a montage would be wonderful. I’d start with an inspirational sound track. Then images of me studying, taking tests, reading in the library, working with conifers, and making all sorts of progress. Kind of like this:

Team America: World Police may be a rather off color film with sophomoric humor at times, but the montage song is pure genius.

Anyway, right now I need to stay focused and act in a montage-worthy fashion. After all, who wants to see a montage of someone playing solitaire, watching television, and wasting time?


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