The Express Aisle

Last week I picked a few things up at Wal-Mart. As I headed toward the checkout aisles I noticed that many registers were closed, and those that were open had long lines. The self scan aisles had lines as well, and some of the people using them were appearing to have trouble (they were getting the “please wait for assistance” message).

I decided to join the long line at the express checkout, intended for shoppers with 20 items or less. For some reason whenever I am in an express aisle I feel compelled to count the number of items of everyone ahead of me in line. This must be done covertly of course. It’s not that I’m overly critical or in a hurry; I’m just curious.

Well, my favorite shoppers on this occasion were the husband and wife (or boyfriend and girlfriend) in front of me. They had 37 items between them, so they divided the items up into two transactions. He bought 19 of them, and she purchased 18.  Thus, they abided by the letter of law. They were smirking the entire time, like they were getting away with something.

That totally made my night.

Yes, I know I need to get out more.


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