Bugs on Display

This morning I biked over to the Ag Arena see the Insect Fair. Insects are fascinating.

Numerous live and dead bug dealers had displays.

Deceased bugs for sale

Looooong millipede

I was very tempted to buy a millipede or a large beetle. There was one millipede that was more than a foot long. I really wanted to get a picture of a foot-long hoagie beside it, but I wasn’t carrying one with me. Plus it was really crowded around this display.

One display that intrigued me was the “Dead Bug in Amber Club.” There is a club for this? That is positively awesome. They had numerous dead bugs in amber for sale. Some were simply small pieces of amber with insects inside, but others were made into earrings or necklaces.

I’ve heard various things suggested for wedding anniversary gifts. You’ll hear about diamonds, paper, gold, and various other items. I really think a dead bug in amber should be included on this list. Someone needs to get on this.

While some bugs had pricetags on their heads, others were there to perform. My favorites were the drag racing cockroaches.

Racing cockroaches


I wonder if I could have set up some track-side wagering on the roach races? That might be a  good investment opportunity. I’ve heard of betting on horse racing. Greyhound racing. Car racing. Motorcycle racing. Frog racing. Human racing. But never on cockroach racing.

I happen to know the track manager, Tracy. She is a fellow Penn State Christian Grads member (though I have not attended a PSCG event in quite a while), and we had a Plant Phys class together a couple of years ago. So maybe I could hire her as my roach trainer/wrangler. Hmmm . . . if this horticulture thing doesn’t work out it might be a good fallback plan.

Outside the arena there were several displays and games. I found a pesticide awareness mini golf display particularly amusing. Look kids, you can have fun with pesticides!

Pesticides are fun!

 A gentleman with a guitar was singing about bugs the entire time I was there. First he was crooning the word “ladybug” over and over. Then I heard a song about a housefly. He’s in the lower right hand corner (the singer, not the housefly) of the following picture.

This is a song about a bug

One of the most popular displays was the bug buffet. I didn’t consume any bugs. Not that I’m overly queasy about the idea, I just didn’t want to wait in a long line just to eat a chocolate covered bug. If they had had fried scorpions on a stick I probably would have joined the line. . .


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