Sixers Scrimmage

On Sunday a friend mentioned that the Sixers were coming to University Park to play an open scrimmage on Friday. I had not previously heard this, so I was glad he mentioned it (thanks Lance).

So I drove over to the Bryce Jordan Center this afternoon/evening (does 6:30pm count as the evening? I tend to think of the evening starting at 7:00pm). When I arrived the players were shooting around and running full court fast break drills. It was fun to be able to hear them joking with each other and messing around. Half the squad had on white jerseys and the other half were sporting black jerseys. This distinction soon became important, for the game began. Four ten minute quarters were played.

The opening tip

Early in the game there was a nicely executed give and go exchange, with Samuel Dalambert delivering a monster slam. I did not get a picture of it. Soon after that Theo Ratliff slammed a loose ball home. This one I was ready for:

Theo throws it down

The players really busted it on court. I was impressed by their hustle and effort. The hardest worker on the floor was Reggie Evans. He seemed to run, jump, and talk the most. When he checked in and out of the game he got a solid ovation.

Fan favorite Reggie Evans

Several things caught my attention during the game. There were two sports fans of questionable intelligence sitting near me. Here are some of their comments from the evening, you be the judge:

Fan 1: “Man, I wish there were some real stars here tonight. Like Allen Iverson or Eric Snow.”  When I heard him say this I almost laughed out loud. Eric Snow? What? Elton Brand is here. Andre Iguodala is here. Sure, Iverson would be fun to see . . . but Eric Snow?

Fan 2: “The Brewers should have waited and started C.C. on Saturday at home. It would have been a guaranteed win. They don’t have a chance of beating the Phillies. They should just be trying to avoid the sweep.” This comment is ridiculous. The Brewers needed to attempt to tie the series up in Philly. If you feel Sabathia was tired ask Chase Utley and Ryan Howard what they think.

Another thing that I noticed was the presence of a couple of girls across from the Sixers’ bench. They were holding up signs. One read: “We ♥ the Sixers.” The other one said “Party at (an apartment address)” on one side, and had a cell phone number on the other. Hmmmm. Trolling for NBA players. I’m quite tempted to call the cell number and pretend to be a Sixer, but that’s not how I roll. I wonder how many prank calls they will be getting tonight?

The black team ended up winning the scrimmage 100-87. After the game the players and coaches threw tee shirts into the crowd.

The Sixers throw shirts into the stands

It was an enjoyable evening. I liked the relaxed atmosphere and the fact that no extra noise was being pumped in over the PA system. I’m glad I went.


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