Are Pleated Pants Evil?

So I’ve been hearing a lot of pleated pant bashing lately. Some people seem inclined to lapse into hyperbole as they decry pleated pants. Pleated pants are the enemy, they say. Pleated pants are bad, they say. Hmmmm.

I do not have a strong opinion on this issue. I own both pleated and flat front pants. I wear both (at different times). I will defend pleated pants if I hear them being abused, but I will not go out of my way to sing their praise.

I’ve been collecting data from various social settings on the distribution of different styles of pants. I decided to create four categories:

Category 1. Pleated Pants. The category under fire. Controversial pleated pants. Includes pleated dress pants, slacks, corduroys, and khakis.

Category 2. Flat Front/Plain Front Pants. The alternative to pleats.

Category 3. Jeans. I decided to lump all jeans together. Technically I should separate designer jeans and regular jeans, but that distinction will be saved for a later study.

Category 4. Other. This is a veritable cornucopia of attire. Sweatpants, kilts, shorts, cargo pants, spandex, and nudists all fit here.

So here is the first part of the study. The distribution of lower attire worn by males between the ages of 12 and 100 in Evangelical churches in Pennsylvania during the month of September (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. Distribution of lower attire on males (aged 12-100) in Evangelical churches in Pennsylvania during September

You’ll notice that jeans are the most frequently encountered lower attire. I observed a rather even distribution between designer and non-designer jeans.

Pleated pants were more common than flat fronted pants.

I suspect that the “Other” category would be much stronger during the summer months. I would predict a spike of shorts and kilts in June and July.

Distribution of lower attire will vary by, and even within, denominations. Age also plays a role, for subjects in the “Other” category are rarely older than 30. Along the same line, subjects older than 50 are almost always in either the “Pleated” or “Flat” categories.

Conclusions. Pleated pants are still acceptable in Evangelical churches in Pennsylvania during the month of September. Further study investigating the fashion sense of Evangelicals in Pennsylvania might be warranted before investing in new pleated pants.



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2 responses to “Are Pleated Pants Evil?

  1. rae

    Dear Benjamin,

    I applaude you on your attempt at objectivity, however, I must inform you that you have come to a erroneous conclusion. You based your approval of the subject matter on general acceptablilty on not on the apperance. And as you meantioned a follow up study, let me save you some time. Pleated pants are a faux pas. Always, period. American men, have worn them and will continue to wear them dispite all laws of fashion. The pleats do terrible things to anyones figure, and even a supermodel male or female looks like they have a beer belly wearing them. If you have no concern for yourself or the sensory experience of people who see you wearing the offending pants, please continue.

    • Thanks for the comment, rae. This post was written in a rather tongue-in-cheek fashion. I did collect data from various events, so I didn’t just make it up the numbers, but it was intended more for humor than actually making a case for or against pleated pants. I know many people feel as you do that pleated pants are a fashion faux pas.

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