Notes from the Weekend

Here are a few random thoughts and notes from the weekend:

Congregants, I’ll lend you my ears. Most Sundays when I am leading the music at E-FreeI have an earbud in my right ear that gives me a monitor feed. This Sunday I led with a small team (just one other member, Aaron also played acoustic guitar) so I decided to skip the monitor feed. It was difficult to hear myself, but I was able to hear the congregation very well (normally I do not). It was nice for a change, though I don’t think it would work if I was leading a full team.

Jeanetic engineering. I grew up wearing dress pants, or at least slacks, to church. Wearing jeans on a Sunday morning just feels weird to me. That being said, I have begun wearing jeans (especially on mornings when I am leading the music). Why? Because I think a leader in relaxed attire is received differently than a leader in more formal attire (alas, my new worship-leading tuxedo was a poor purchase). I do not want people in the congregation to be focused on me, or what I’m wearing, but I think it happens unfortunately. My goal as a leader is to be forgettable/ignorable.

Marinara sauce stains. On Sunday after the service we had a potluck dinner at E-Free. At some point while making my way through the food line I brushed up against marinara sauce. It stained. This afternoon I washed that pair of jeans in my sink. A little Shout and All and they’re as good as new. Though they once were stained scarlet they are now a a light blue distressed denim color.   

I’m not a fan of ties. And I don’t mean neckties or bowties (for I am a fan of those, if I could wear a bowtie everyday I would). I’m referring to even scores. Like fantasy baseball championships that end in 5-5 ties. Yeah, that happened.

Good job Andy. I feel Andy Reid coached a very good game on Sunday night. I loved his approach. The players failed to execute at critical times, and that’s why the Eagles lost. I really liked the 4th and goal decision, and I even loved the play he called. I’d do it again. Sometime you win, and sometimes you lose. I am a fan of Andy Reid.

Over my head in the pool. I participate in an NFL pickem pool. This year I am doing very poorly. Most weeks I look at the betting lines, consider all sorts of factors, read the opinions of experts, and then make my picks. Last week was my best week, and I made my picks in 30 seconds. No lines, experts, and little thought. I just asked myself: Which team is better?  Well, this week I tried that again. It didn’t work.


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