Phils vs Gnats: Postseason on the Line

The Phillies are playing one last regular season series with the Washington Nationals. The Phils hold a one game lead in the NL East and Wildcard standings. Probability suggests they will make the postseason. I see a collection of eggs in two baskets, and both baskets are sitting on the edge of the table. And I’m not counting chickens yet (of course if those eggs are in baskets, odds are they will not be incubated and hatched. It is far more likely they will be fried or scrambled).

This morning I sketched a graphic representation of the situation:

The state of the Phillies

Here is an interpretation: The Phillies’ play-off hopes are the eggs, which have been strategically distributed between two baskets (NL East and Wildcard). The gnat toting a carnival sledgehammer (the ones used for the ring-the-bell-win-a-prize-game) represents the Washington Nationals. They are lowly, yet capable of doing serious damage. The falling six-pack of beer represents the Milwaukee Brewers. They have been struggling, but they are determined to go out fighting. The jumping fish represents the Florida Marlins, who will be playing the Mets this weekend. Since the Marlins typically cause problems for the Phillies, they might become entirely incompetent this weekend and get swept (just to spite the Phils). The Mets are represented by an intoxicated Mr Met barely visible on the left. He’s erratic and disoriented, just like the Mets. But drunk mascots are dangerous around baskets of eggs. The rainclouds represent the complicating factor of the weather. There might not be any baseball played this weekend.

That pretty much sums it up. Go Phillies. Go Marlins (they’re playing the Mets). Go Cubs (they’re playing the Brewers). But most of all . . . Go Phillies!

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