Pringles: Cheesy Fries vs Cheddar Cheese

You might wonder is there is any difference between Cheesy Fries Pringles and Cheddar Cheese Pringles. I am here to answer that question.

Cost: I paid the same price for each flavor ($1.00).

Nutrition: Uh, these are Pringles . . . if you’re concerned about nutrition you might want to eat something else. The only difference between these flavors is an extra 30 mg of sodium per serving in the Cheddar Cheese chips.

Color: Cheesy Fries = Light yellow; Cheddar Cheese = Orangish yellow. 

Cheesy Fries (left) and Cheddar Cheese (right) Pringles

Scent: Both flavors produce a generally cheesy aroma. They are difficult to separate by scent.

Initial Taste: Both flavors have an initial taste of cheddar, however the major differences between the chips start here. The Cheesy Fries flavor quickly develops an undertone of sour cream, while the Cheddar Cheese flavor has undertones of blue cheese. 

Aftertaste: This is slightly different for each flavor. The Cheddar Cheese chips have a slightly cheesy taste with hints of the original Pringles flavor. The Cheesy Fries chips have an aftertaste that is remarkably close to actual cheese fries.

Verdict: I endorse the Cheesy Fries Pringles. I think in every aspect (barring cost) they are slightly superior to the Cheddar Cheese Pringles.


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