Fear the Deer (or not)

This afternoon I went to a State College Spikes game with a few friends (Adam, Leslie, and Chris). The Spikes played the Batavia Muckdogs, an affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals (they used to be a Phillies affiliate, before the Phils switched to Williamsport).

Coming into the game the Spikes had the worst record in the New York-Penn League, and they showed us exactly why today. Batavia rolled to a 13-0 win, with State College making a staggering amount of errors and pitching changes.

In the early innings there was a kid sitting in front of us who was pantomiming the actions of the Spikes players. When they were playing defense he would wind-up and throw a simulated pitch as the pitcher threw; when the spikes were hitting he would swing a pretend bat. It was great.

An aspiring Spike

My nemesis Ike the spike sat in front of us for a couple of innings. Thankfully he didn’t bother me this time. If he had I might have looked into getting a restraining order.

My nemesis: Ike the spike

 A hot air balloon floated by. I think it landed somewhere on the Penn State campus. For a brief moment it looked like it was trying to land on the Bryce Jordan Center, which would have been spectacular.

Watching baseball from the sky

It was a beautiful afternoon-evening for a ballgame. While the Spikes didn’t play particularly well, it was still good. My biggest regret is that we didn’t get to see the Nookie Monster dance in centerfield (he only does that after the Spikes score, and they got shutout).


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