Home on the Grange

This afternoon I went to the Centre County Grange Fair with a few friends from my E-Free Life Group. When we arrived we were greeted by a classic county fair voice drifting across the parking lot, announcing contestants and results in a garden tractor pull. Naturally we had to check things out.

In the building designated for sheep there were sheep in various stages of shearing. Every sheep seemed to handle this differently. Some weren’t afraid to be naked. Others wore simple robes that reminded me of hospital gowns. Others rocked camouflage or argyle.

 From the animal houses we went to some of the competition and judging houses. Have you ever wondered what a champion chocolate cookie looks like? Look to the right. That is a blue ribbon cookie. While I was tempted to remove and consume the champ, I exercised restraint.

Close to the baked goods and vegetables were the collections. If you happen to have a few Care Bears kicking around the house they might be blue ribbon worthy.  If you don’t have them around the house you could always stop by a local thrift shop and put together a prize winning collection. Just a thought.

In the art section I liked this portrait of two dogs. I would love to know why the airplane in the upper left corned is bombing or shooting the house in the background. Do the dogs own the house? Is the dog on the right wearing a beret, or is that his ear? I have so many questions. But I guess that is what good art is about . . . it should make you think.

In the past I have noticed that deep fried Oreo Cookies were being sold at fairs. I was curious. Thankfully Brian and Gail decided to purchase some, so I got to see them up close. I’m told they taste a bit like a chocolate funnel cake. I think I like the concept better than the actual product. I think there is half a bag of confection sugar on the five cookies.

Deep fried Oreo Cookies

I had a Cuban Sandwich for dinner. It was the first time I have sampled that particular culinary wonder. Sliced pork, sliced ham, sliced dill pickle, sliced Swiss cheese, and mustard all on a toasted roll. Good times.

We watched five of six contestants at the Centre County Grange Fair Idol final. They were all pretty bad. The judges were even worse (including a creepy guy who seemed enamored with two of the underage female contestants). The highlight of the contest was Matt Toms requesting the song Freebird during a lull in the proceedings.

At the end of the night I shot this picture of the fair from the parking lot.

It was a nice night of diversion before the fall semester kicks off. . . 

Summer, oh summer, where have you gone?



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2 responses to “Home on the Grange

  1. If you squint, that dog art is a wee bit reminiscent of “American Gothic.” Maybe if you squint really hard.

  2. thebenjamin

    It’s funny that you say that, because that was my first impression when I saw it.

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