So Far Away . . . So Near

As I was driving to my lair tonight I noticed that the moon was very impressive. I decided to grab my camera and attempt to photograph the magnificent orb.

As I played with shutter speeds and apertures the battery in my camera conked out. Even though this particular battery supposedly has no memory, and it does not need to be exhausted before charging, I had decided to drain it all the way before charging it again It ended up being an opportune time for it to die, for I had already taken numerous pictures.

I have a lot to learn about night photography. Most of my pictures of the moon were painfully bad. The only ones that captured the correct color had poor detail (in the picture for this post I manipulated the color slightly to accurately show the color of the moon tonight).

To capture more detail of the moon I think I need to get a bigger lens. And since moon photography ranks pretty low on my priority list, that’s probably not happening any time soon.


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