A Trip to the Bank

On Saturday I went to the Phils vs Pirates game with Duane and Matt. It was great to catch up and see a baseball game . . . just like old times. The trip to the park was slow, traffic was terrible.

I still feel a sense of excitement as I walk up to a ballpark. I think I always will.

Citizens Bank Park

We walked into the park as the Phils were taking the field. Brett Myers mowed down the Pirates in the top of the 1st before we got to our seats. As we were sitting down Jimmy Rollins was strolling to the plate.

Ian Snell: Slump Buster Extraordinaire

Ian Snell was pitching for the Pirates, and that made me happy. The Phils had a 23 inning scoreless streak going into the game, and Snell was certain to end that streak. Sure enough, Jimmy tripled to start the game. Victorino followed with a  double, so it only took two batters to put a run on the board.

The Phils sent eight batters to the plate in the 1st inning, though they only scored two runs. Chris Coste flew out to deep left with the bases loaded; he missed a grand slam by a narrow margin.

Coste almost hits the slam

The game moved along quickly, with the Phils in front all night. The final was 4-2, with Chad Durbin picking up the save. Brad Lidge had pitched a long inning the night before, so he did not close the game.

It was a beautiful night for a ballgame.

Very nice

After the game it took us more than two hours to get home. It took us a long time to get out of the parking lot, 76 was slow, and 476 was really slow (like 5 mph slow) due to construction.

Fact: Baseball games are fun.

Fact: Catching up with friends is fun.

Fact: Combining the two is a good thing.


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