That’s Erie

Here’s a quick update from the PCTGA summer meeting. Today I spent most of the day (7:45-5:30) looking at the production techniques and research being conducted at Berkey’s Nursery in Spartansburg, PA. They certainly deserve a tip of the hat for all they are doing. Here is a picture I took towards the end of the tour:

This next picture shows something terribly exciting. Can you spot it?

Don’t feel bad if you have no idea. In fact, I’d bet 37 cents no one reading this blog will spot it. Here is what is so peculiar (and exciting) about this picture: the Fraser firs are planted on ridges. That’s it. But it is groundbreaking . . . sorry, I couldn’t resist . . . because it’s so true. I find this ridge planting method interesting because it relates to the war between true firs and phytophthora root rot.

But I’ll stop myself right there. Most of you could not care less, and that is ok. I took many pictures of trees, but I will refrain from showing you more of them. I will note, however, that I found three fossils during the tour today. Here is a picture of one of them (two shells). It is a bit difficult to see, but in real life it was very clear and distinct.

After I returned from Berkey’s Nursery I headed up to Erie to find Jerry Uht Park. I watched the Erie Seawolves play the Reading Phillies. Erie won by a 10-6 final in a sloppy game. The evening was perfect for baseball. It was crisp, yet slightly balmy. 

I think every ballpark is now required to hold some sort of giant mascot race. In this case it was a wiener race. I didn’t pick a favorite, so I had no rooting interest. What I did find interesting, is that these wieners actually ran fast. They were not messing around and exchanging the lead to put on a show (or hotdogging, if you will). They were hauling. I wonder if they were interns that only get paid if they win?

As the game came to a close I walked out beyond the leftfield wall. Evidently someone named Ben had stood in the same place I did last year, and he must have been ballin’. The foul pole told me so.


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