One Year Ago . . .

On this date last year I was in Hawaii. I walked from my hotel on Waikiki Beach to the Diamond Head Crater. After climbing to the top of the crater rim I took a circuitous path back to my hotel through Diamond Head and Waikiki.

I took this picture from the Diamond Head Crater rim. Diamond Head Beach is on the lower left side of the picture; Waikiki Beach is slightly above it. The right side of the picture shows the inside of the crater. 

This is a lighthouse I photographed from a vantage point on my way up the Diamond Head Crater. A few days later I tried to find it by walking along the beach, and it seemed to have disappeared. I think it must have been in a private section of the beach this is not easy to see from the public section.

I found a great collection of cacti on my way back to Waikiki Beach. I set up my camera tripod and took a few pictures. A second after this picture was taken the rock under my right foot shifted a bit, causing me to catch my balance by leaning against the cactus to my left. I think three small punctures in my left hand was a fair price for this picture. I’d do it again.

At the end of the day I walked out on Waikiki Beach and took a few pictures of the sunset. Glorious.

The trip to Hawaii was very unexpected. I decided when I started grad school that I would not be taking any full vacations until I graduated. This trip came about because the International Society of Arboriculture decided to hold their annual conference there. I presented some of my research, attended various sessions, and then stayed around long enough after the conference to make it a real vacation. Good times . . .


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