Philadelphia Wins a Championship?

Yesterday the Philadelphia Soul of the Arena Football league (AFL) won the Arena Bowl. Congratulations to the Soul players, the fans, and owner Jon Bon Jovi (yeah, he’s that Jon Bon Jovi). 

Over the course of the season I saw approximately one minute and thirteen seconds of AFL football. It just doesn’t mean very much to me. The championship drought in Philly will only end when the Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, or Sixers win a title.


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2 responses to “Philadelphia Wins a Championship?

  1. John

    You’re a moron! A true sports fan would see what a great accomplishment this is and stop comparing it to the 4 major teams! The drought is over! How dare you turn your nose up at this title like some snob! Only the shallow fans like yourself will still cry over the other teams not winning.

  2. thebenjamin

    Thanks for the comment John. I wrote this post because people kept asking me if I thought the championship drought was over. While it might make me a moron in your eyes, I cannot view an AFL title as a major championship. I see the AFL as similar to minor league hockey. Sure, I’m happy when the Phantoms or the Soul win a title. But it’s not the same as one of the major sports.

    If you walk into a bar in south Philly and ask ten random people how long it’s been since we won a championship, the majority will tell you 25 years (1983 Sixers).

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