A Few Notes on a Rainy Thursday

There will be blood . . . and office supplies. I watched There Will be Blood recently. It’s a relatively good movie (I give it a 6 on my 1-10 scale). Early in the movie it struck me that Daniel Day-Lewis’ character Daniel Plainview looks a lot like WB Mason. I see many WB Mason commercials while watching Phillies games (“WB Mason is the official office supplier of the Philadelphia Phillies”), and the actor that plays WB could pass for Mr Plainview any day. So throughout the movie WB Mason ads randomly entered my mind.

Jamie Moyer is pitching exceptionally well. Jamie Moyer is 45 years old. He has also been the second best starting pitcher on the Phillies. His ERA is solidly under 4.00, and he has been pitching well into games. Today he pitched a strong seven innings before the bullpen stepped in and handed the game away. Jamie has 239 career wins; he deserved to get number 240 today.

Here are a few YouTube clips I find a bit humorous.

Jimmy Fallon’s troll doll jingle auditions routine is great. This is just the audio of the performance.

Continuing the music theme, here is an awesome clip of Beaker singing Coldplay’s song Yellow

And lastly, here is a wonderful clip of John Mayer doing some play-by-play of a Red Sox game. “And that happened.”


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