Richmond, VA

Last Wednesday I spent a little time in Richmond, Virginia. The purpose of the trip was to help my friend Ryan pick up some furniture. I got to sample real Virginia barbeque and eat a slice of pizza that had copious amounts of bacon piled on it (I regret that I did not photograph it). During the afternoon I explored downtown Richmond.

My first stop after Ryan dropped me off in Richmond was the state capitol. The building looks like state capitols should look. It’s large, clean, and has big pillars.

Virginia State Capitol

I walked around the capitol building and took many pictures of oaks, magnolias, and tulip poplars. The visitors’ entrance to the capitol building is very cool (and underground).

Capitol Entrance

When I left the capitol building I walked to the old city hall, which is next door. I know I stated above that all state capitols should look like the current Virginia capitol, but the old city hall might be even better. Take a look:  

Virginia Old State Capitol

Old City Hall

 Here are a few more shots of this building. I was only allowed on the first floor, so I wasn’t able to get many interior shots.
From there I walked to the Museum of the Confederacy on East Clay Street. The White House of the Confederacy (or the Davis House) is next door, so I saw it from the outside. In the museum I saw many interesting things.
I really like hats, especially old ones, so I found JEB Stuart’s hat pretty cool. The ostrich feather is still in remarkably good shape.
The notebook and handkerchief below are from the fateful reconnaissance trip taken by Stonewall Jackson and some of his staff at Chancellorsville. Mistaken for enemy soldiers, they were fired upon by their own men. The handkerchief was tied around Jackson’s arm, in an attempt to stop the bleeding. The notebook was in 24 year-old Captain James Boswell’s pocket. Boswell was killed by the initial volley of gunfire.
When Vicksburg was about to fall, the help of General Joseph Johnston was needed urgently. The message in the vial below was intended for him. This message has never been removed from the vial or read since it was written. It makes me very curious. . . 
Outside the museum there is a rebel fish. I think it might be modeled after a larger fish sculpture that is located on the Canal Walk, but I’m not sure.
Richmond is a beautiful city, and I found the people to be very friendly. I intend to go back to see an arboretum or three in the future. 

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    Do you have a copyrigh/referencing permissions on this Hat photo? I would like to use this in a publication if possible please. Thankyou

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