Softball Stats

From 1997-2003 I played softball for Upper Skippack Mennonite Church (USMC). During that time we made the play-offs every season, with four trips to the championship series. We managed to win two championships (1997 in our only season in the B league, and 2000). We were never very good at taking team photos, but I do have this shot that was taken near the end of the 1999 season:

I recently browsed through my softball records from 1998-2000. I have every at bat charted (at least every regular season and post-season at bat . . . I don’t have exhibition games or tournament games charted). If you look at my numbers during that time period, you might be tempted to make a steroids joke about 1999.

1998 .541 .576 .934 1.510
1999 .743 .757 1.414 2.171
2000 .575 .605 .900 1.505

My softball records also include pages of notes about each team we played. I have ratings for the arms of outfielders, propensity to take extra bases, preferred field to hit to, and other things I observed. I was unable to locate my records from 2001-2003, they must be packed away with my notes from Temple U. Someday I will sort those boxes out. . .


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