Are You a Real Phillies Fan?

When a team is winning fans start to pop up like dandelions in a lawn. Some purists can’t stand to have them around, and they secretly would like to hire someone to remove them all. The Phillies have had several winning seasons in a row, and it is becoming quite trendy to wear a Phils hat. Are you a real fan or a poser? Well, start by taking this test:

1. How many World Series championships have the Phillies won?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 3
D. 7
2. Who had the best career as a Phillie?
A. Ken Griffey Jr.
B. Willie Stargell
C. Juan Samuel
D. Danny Tartabull
3. Which current Phillie bats right handed?
A. Chase Utley
B. Pat Burrell
C. Ryan Howard
D. Geoff Jenkins
4. Who has hit the most home runs as a Phillie?
A. Jim Thome
B. Ryan Howard
C. Greg Luzinski
D. Mike Schmidt
5. Which player was drafted by the Phils, yet refused to play in Philly?
A. JD Drew
B. Billy Wagner
C. Scott Olsen
D. Barry Bonds
6. What division are the Phillies in?
A. NL East
B. NL Central
C. AL East
D. AL Central
7. The voice of the Phillies is:
A. Harry Kalas
B. Harry Caray
C. Vin Scully
D. Joe Buck
8. Who is the current hitting coach for the Phils?
A. Lenny Dykstra
B. Larry Bowa
C. Davey Lopes
D. Milt Thompson
9. What is Ed Wade’s affiliation with the Phils?
A. He’s the Phillie Phanatic
B. He’s a current player
C. He’s the current owner
D. He’s a former general manager
10. What does Chris Coste do every time he fouls a ball off?
A. Sniff the bat
B. Tap the bat against his cleats
C. Adjust his batting gloves
D. Look to make sure no one got hurt

The answers follow in white text (highlight them to see them): 1. B, 2. C, 3. B, 4. D, 5. A, 6. A, 7. A, 8. D, 9. D., 10. A

Until you ace this test I don’t want to hear about how loyal you are to the Phils. And don’t think that getting a perfect ten makes you a real fan (it was extremely easy). There is a difference between rooting for a team, following a team, and being a fan of a team. Here are some distinctions of fandom:

Rooting for a team. This means you have some interest in the success of the team. You might have a bet placed on them; you might like their colors; you might live in the city they play for. You’ll cheer for them and hope they win. You might buy a hat or jersey and learn a few player names. Within ten minutes of the end of the game the outcome will mean little to you. You know little of the team history, and you are lost when it comes to strategy and rules of the game.

Following a team. If you follow a team you are interested in their success and the functioning of the team. You know half of the roster. At any given time you know approximately where the team is in the standings. You know the major strengths and weaknesses of the team. You bask in a victory for a few hours, and a loss may cause general malaise for an hour or so. You know a few facts about the team history, and you are familiar with basic rules and strategy of the game.

A real fan of a team. You identify yourself with your team. You would never think about changing loyalties. You know the majority of the roster. You know where the team is in the standings, and you probably are familiar with the schedule. You know the strengths and weaknesses of not only the team, but also most of the players. You have an opinion on whether or not the team should make trades. The affects of a win or loss will often carry over to the next day. A postseason elimination loss will bother you for weeks. You are familiar with the team history, and you understand the strategy and rules of the game. Remember, the word fan is taken from fanatic. Longevity is also a factor. A real fan must have supported his/her team for at least 10 years. 

I am a Phillies fan. I am an Eagles fan. I follow the Flyers, Sixers, Temple Owls, and Penn State Nittany Lions.

If you did poorly on the test, and you realize that you are simply rooting for the Phils, don’t despair. Feel free to wear your Phillies hat proudly. Just don’t try to pass yourself off as a real fan.


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