Softball Team Update


This is my inaugural season as the manager of the State College E-Free softball team. On the field things have been a bit rough. Our first win has been as elusive as Barry Sanders in the backfield. Thankfully everyone has maintained a good attitude about it. I’m fine as long as I do not consider our games actual softball games . . . I view them as slightly organized recreation of a softball-like nature. 

Yes, that first win has been elusive. So far the rain has won more games than we have (I assume that that the rain’s goal is to get the game cancelled).

In just six games we have managed to get outscored by a total of more than 100 runs (108 to be exact). I’ve heard that losing builds character. Now I’m beginning to feel almost guilty. Our team is greedily seizing all character building opportunity from our opponents. It’s about time we thought of the character of others.  

Here are a few numbers that speak volumes about our team performance:

  • Team batting average: 0.275
  • Runs scored per inning = 0.79
  • Runs allowed per inning = 3.94
  • Errors per inning = 1.45

After the news of Willie Randolph’s firing last week I have been waiting for my 3am phone call.



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2 responses to “Softball Team Update

  1. J

    Rather then fire you they should double, nay, triple your salary. That should provide sufficient motivation.

  2. thebenjamin

    Somehow 3 x $0.00 fails to motivate me =) However, the endorsement of upper management is reassuring (of course, Willie Randolph got that just before he got the phone call).

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