Three Reasons I Despise Interleague Play

1. Conflict of Rooting Interest. Ideally the loyalties of a baseball fan should to the league that hosts his or her favorite team. I am a Philadelphia Phillies fan and thus a fan of the National League. I feel the senior circuit is superior (if only for the fact that we are not blemished by designated hitters).

So when I look at interleague win-loss standings I want to see the National League on top. But this presents a problem. Take for instance the Angels vs. Braves game that was played last night. I rooted for the Angels, because the Braves are division rivals of the Phillies. I could not support the Braves at the expense of the Phillies. . . and this caused me to betray my loyalty to the National League.

I should not have to make this terrible decision. I blame Bud Selig.

2. Intraleague Match-ups are Second to Interleague Match-ups. The Phillies only play five games against the Rockies this season. And the last of those five was played on May 28th. After the post-season showdown that occurred between the two teams last year I want to see at least another three game series between them, preferably in September. I’d rather see that than three games with an American League opponent.

This season the Philliesplay few games against both the Giants and Cubs as well. I’d rather see the Phillies play the Cubs in June than the Red Sox.

I blame Bud Selig.

3. Interleague Play is Simply Premature Indulgence. Anticipation makes things better. The National League should play the American League at the All-Star Game and at the World Series (I guess Spring Training games are acceptable too). When the leagues meet, it is a special occurrence.

Interleague play cheapens the event. It is similar to eating a half dozen candy bars before a five course dinner. Sure the candy bars taste good, but your appetite is ruined. You feel a bit remorseful and sick. No matter how wonderful the five course dinner is, you won’t be able to fully enjoy it. That is interleague play.

I blame Bud Selig.



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3 responses to “Three Reasons I Despise Interleague Play

  1. ron chicago

    Interleague play, the 8/31 late-season trading deadline and the DH dissipate and contaminate the sanctity of baseball. The All-Star Game should be the only game when DHing is allowed. Further, and I digress, the All-Star Game would be even more interesting if there were offensive and defensive squads, resulting in the best fielders defending vs. the best hitters. Some players would go both ways.

  2. thebenjamin

    Having offensive and defensive All-Star teams is an interesting idea. I think the best way to improve the All-Star Game is to have the team selected by people who understand the game. No more popularity contests and mindless votes. I guess this would be required to pick an All-Star defensive team, because the average person in stands probably thinks Derek Jeter should be starting for the AL.

  3. Grandma Craft

    I think Interleague play is basically a waste of time,although I must admit I did watch some of the Philadelphia Phillies play Interleague, only and I repeat only because I am a Phillies fan. I think it’s GREAT when one of our pitchers gets a single, double,triple or wonder of wonders a home run for his at bat, but the AL pitchers rarely have that satisfaction. Have they forgotten what they learned during their highschool and college team days? Try it American League – You’ll like it!!! It’s part of the game after all!!

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